What is Eloping? Find out Here.

What is eloping really? In your scrolling of social media, you may have realized that elopements are becoming more popular. Even so, it's tough to have a clear picture of what it really entails. In an effort to figure out what information about elopements was already out there, we went through the first two pages on Google and read each blog. You may have done some digging yourself. The more we read, we saw that most of it was misinformation or just lack of understanding. Being that the traditional wedding industry is so large, it's completely understandable for there to be a lot of confusion around elopements and intimate weddings. So we're here to clear it up for you.

Our definition of an elopement is:

An intimate and authentic wedding experience where the celebration is solely focused on your relationship.

The first thoughts most people have when they think of elopements are not what we believe them to be anymore. They don't have to be a secret clouded in disapproval. You don't have to plan two weeks before it actually happens or quickly sign a piece of paper at the downtown courthouse. We want to change the way elopements are seen. We want them to be meaningful experiences filled with love and support. The purpose of an elopement is to take away any pressure you feel to have a traditional wedding. The day you commit yourself to the one you love shouldn't be overtaken by anxiety, obligation, or unwanted drama. It's to turn the focus on you while being surrounded by the chill of mountain air, the mist of the waterfall, the valley of wildflowers or whatever place calls your heart.

This is how to elope in the 21st century. Scroll to see every myth debunked.

Misconception #1 : Elopements are secretive and do not include friends or family

There is this widespread belief that elopements are done in secret and you're not allowed to talk to anyone about it. Let's stop this thought right here.

You can do whatever you want at your own elopement. There are no rules to this thing. Follow the direction your heart is pulling you.

The important part about this is your intention. When you choose to go this route, it's not always easy for your friends and family but you can make them apart of the process like any other wedding day. You can invite your closest people if that's something that's important to you. We understand that you and your best friend have been talking about this moment since you were little.  Or your parents have always dreamed of walking you down the isle. You can still do all of those things! The whole day is truly about the two of you and your love for one another.

If you just want the day to be the two of you, talk to your loved ones about it. Tell them how excited you are about adventuring together. Share the joy with them and tell them your plans. Have a party afterwards! Ultimately their reaction is up to them. Make sure you stick to what you want and don't compromise your vision. 

Misconception #2: Elopements are for people who don't want to spend money on a traditional wedding

In part this is true, but eloping isn't about the money. We find the smaller price tag one of the many perks of choosing to have an intimate wedding. The average cost of a wedding day in Canada as of this year is $27,000. While elopement costs can be similar in some cases, it's where you spend your money that is the biggest difference. For a traditional wedding, you are investing money in the venue, the decor, the food, a d.j., and the list goes on. It's a lot of stuff for a big party where you're the center of attention. That's not everyone's favorite option.

When you decide to have an intimate wedding it's not about the budget. It's about bringing it back to what matters: celebrating you two. You can completely avoid any of the weird pressures that having a big wedding brings on. Instead, you can hit the trails, fly in a helicopter, breathe in glacier air, or crinkle your toes in the sand dunes (no heels involved here). Go wherever your imagination carries you.

An eloping couple are laughing, and running away from the helicopter that flew them to the top of a mountain in Banff National Park. Their adventurous elopement photos were captured by Virginia and Evan.

Misconception #3: Elopements are for disapproved marriages

This is likely the reason the elopements gained a bad reputation in the first place. Elopements used to happen because couple's knew their parents would not support the decision to get married. This may have been true 100 years ago but it isn't anymore. You want to elope for yourself, not because of anyone else's expectations of what a wedding should be.

When couples show thier friends and family how to elope nowadays, they are really excited to hear all about the adventure wedding the couple took. The couple can't wait to show the photos to their loved ones and share all about the wedding. When your loved ones know how much your day meant to you, it means a lot to them as well.

Misconception #4: Elopements are very quick and unplanned

Elopements aren't a lesser version of a big wedding. They're just a different way of doing the same thing.

We usually are booked a year in advance for international elopements and six to nine months for local elopements. It also depends on where the couple is coming from. There are a lot of logistics and planning that goes into it. As your elopement guides we need the time to look into location options, make your timeline, book accommodations, etc. Everything to help you make it your dream adventure.

It also gives you time to book your flights, find your wedding outfits, think about what you want your day to look like, and your intentions behind everything. The checklist isn't as long, but each element means a lot.

Not everything can be planned. The outdoors has taught us this many times along the way, but we want to be as prepared as possible to make this a dream come true for the both of you.

An eloping couple is standing at an incredible viewpoint in Iceland, sharing their vows, face to face, and holding hands. They are overlooking snowy mountains, lakes, and a black beach. When people ask what is eloping, this is the perfect picture.

So when you ask yourself 'what is eloping?' It all comes back to the two of you. No matter what social media says, what family and friends tell you, know that you are making a brave decision. One that will allow you to feel incredibly free.

A bride in a sari stands in the middle of a snowstorm covering her mouth while laughing. Behind her are sweeping views of the mountains and a glacier in Banff National Park. This is what an adventurous elopement is made of.