Small Wedding in Mexico

Bianca and Javier had always dreamed of having a small and intimate wedding, surrounded only by their closest friends and family. After much consideration, they decided on a stunning hacienda in Mexico as the perfect location for their special day.

The couple fell in love with the idea of exchanging their vows in a romantic and historic location. The hacienda they chose was a beautifully restored colonial estate, nestled in the heart of the Mexican countryside. It boasted traditional architecture, lush gardens, and stunning ruins.

Bianca and Javier spent months planning their small wedding, ensuring that every detail was perfect. They carefully selected a handful of guests to attend the ceremony, inviting only their closest friends and family members. The guest list was intentionally kept small, to create a more intimate and personal atmosphere.

The wedding ceremony was held in told chapel of the hacienda, under a beautiful vined archway. Bianca wore a stunning lace dress, while Javier looked dashing in his tailored suit. The ceremony was conducted in Spanish and English, to accommodate both families and ensure that everyone could understand the vows.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner in the hacienda's courtyard. The menu included traditional Mexican dishes such as mole, cochinita pibil, and chiles en nogada. The couple wanted to incorporate local flavors and ingredients into their wedding menu, to give their guests a taste of the vibrant Mexican culture.

As the sun began to set, the family stayed in the courtyard and enjoyed each other's company by the fire, creating a warm and romantic ambiance. The couple shared their first dance as husband and wife, surrounded by their loved ones. The celebration continued late into the night, with laughter and joy filling the air.

For Bianca and Javier, their small wedding at the hacienda in Mexico was everything they had hoped for and more. They were able to create an intimate and meaningful experience for themselves and their guests, surrounded by the natural beauty and rich culture of the country.

The couple also appreciated the historic significance of their wedding location, as it added a sense of romance and timelessness to their special day. They were able to savour every moment of the day, without feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the details of a larger wedding.

In the end, Bianca and Javier's small wedding at the hacienda in Mexico was a true reflection of their love story: intimate, personal, and filled with joy. The couple will always treasure the memories they made on that beautiful day, and look back on it as the perfect beginning to their lifelong journey together.