Scotland Vow Renewal

This Scotland vow renewal was unforgettable for so many reasons.

It was our first time seeing this part of the highlands and we were in complete awe of the landscape. But we were in for more surprises than we had planned for.

That day, the largest typhoon Scotland has seen in 60 years had decided to roll through. It was the most intense wind we had ever experienced and we debated holding off for a day. With no sign of relief, Nikki, Randy, and us all decided that we better go ahead with the shoot.

Nikki, Randy, and their sweet daughter Annie travelling all the way from California to experience Scotland. Even though they wanted to do a real vow renewal, it was just too windy that day. But that in no way took away from the magic of these moments. We could feel their love for each other as they stayed warm in each other's arms.

In more calm circumstances, we'll usually guide the couple with posing but Nikki being a photographer herself knew exactly how to work with the wild weather. I couldn't believe how brave they were for facing it, but something we say often is 'bad weather is good weather for photos.'

If I'm being honest, there are often times I look back on this day and I wish we could have given them more photos. I remember all of us being so exhausted and just wanting to warm up. If we could have stayed out longer, we would have.

This day was truly a highlight of our career. These two beautiful souls showed us so much kindness all while being photographed in circumstances that were not ideal. This beautiful Scotland vow renewal will be locked in our memory forever.