Iceland Sunset Elopement

For Sam and Phil’s dream wedding day, they decided to travel all the way from Australia for their elopement in Iceland. They loved traveling together and made Iceland their mid-honeymoon stop to share their vows with one another. They were doing a world tour to celebrate their marriage and couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place for them. This weather-intense country complimented their adventurousness and they were up for anything we suggested. There, the weather is usually quite windy and cold, even during the summer. But for these two, the wind stayed down and in an Iceland first, the sun came out.

One of the funnest parts about their elopement day was their spontaneity. They completely trusted us to bring them to the right places and show them around some of our favorite spots. We actually hadn’t chosen an exact location for them to elope beforehand, they wanted to feel what was right in the moment. We picked out a few locations to explore and they shared their personal vows overlooking one of our favorite views in the whole country right as the sun was going behind the horizon. It was so magical we could swear there were unicorns running around in the background. Even though there were a few other people around, they were completely focused on each other. They laughed together, soaked up the view, and said “yes” above the setting sun.

We couldn’t thank them enough for allowing us to share the moment with them. Their elopement in Iceland was everything we had wished for. We find this career so incredible for many reasons. It brings people together from across the world and shows us that there are incredible people everywhere who have the same passions as you. There are no borders on the love to travel. It was so special for us to witness their love for each other and be the ones to capture it forever.