Banff Engagement Session

Francis & Ryan were ready for a Banff engagement adventure and they kicked our butts in the process. After one of the toughest hikes we had ever done, we were rewarded with one of the most iconic views in all of Banff. Hikes are always worth it when you get views like this one. And it was perfect for these two outdoorsman who had a passion for the mountains.

They made it so easy for us to capture their love because of now comfortable they were with each other. The wind worked in our favour and made the photos full of movement.

They wanted to be in their favourite place for their Banff engagement and it was beautiful to highlight them amongst the mountains. They warmed each other up, laughed, and went with the flow of the wind.

Our only disappointment was not being able to photograph their wedding day as we happened to choose the exact same date as them! We will never forget this day.